Act CRM Software Training

Act is a great tool that can help you drive sales and profits to your business.  Doesn’t it make sense to learn how to utilize the software to the fullest?  Enroll and you’ll have access to more than 15 Hours of Act CRM training videos broken down into short 2 to 5-minute videos.  My name is Tony Holowitz and my Act tutorials are based on 20+ years teaching Act CRM users.  I want you to have a great Act experience.  Start a Free Trial and Learn How to Act Clever!

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Fundamentals of Act

Act 1: Act Fundamentals Tips & Tricks

Everyone should start here. Beginners and experienced Acters will benefit from the tutorials and resources provided to you in this getting started Act section.

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Customizing Act is Easy

Act 2: Customizing Act Fields & Layouts

One of the best features of Act is the fact that you can customize it to fit your exact needs for you and your business. This section of my training will teach you how to complete that task in Act.

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Make Act Sell

Act 3: Selling with Act: Make Act a Sales Machine

Prospects and clients are what it is all about in business. I will teach you how to make sure no contact in Act ever slips through the cracks because you never know where your next order is coming from.

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Tools That Enhance Act

Act 4: Act Add-Ons & Tools That Enhance Act

I explore and teach you how to use add-on products that enhance and complement the way you use Act and Microsoft Outlook. They make difficult tasks simple and more productive each day.

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Learn Act Cloud

Act 5: Using the Web & SaaS Version of Act

Whether you are new to Act or a long time Act user, using your Act database in the cloud is a new and different experience. I will teach you how to use it easily and productively, showing you all your options with this tool in Act.

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An Amazing Sales Tool

Act 6: Email Marketing Automation

Act Marketing Automation is a game changer for Act users. On par with hiring a salesperson, I believe this is a great tool for you and your business, and will show you how to make the most of it easily.

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Keystroke Add-On Training

Act 7: Keystroke Tools & Add-ons

I explore and teach you how to use add-on products created by Keystroke the largest reseller of Act Products and Services in the world. They offer many great tools for Act.

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Handheld Contact API

Act 8: Handheld Contact API (Green)

Handheld Contact API (Green) is the newest iteration of this great software. Offering multiple levels of service, one of them being free, this is the best way to share your Act data amongst multiple devices. One account puts Handheld Contact on your smartphone, iPad and tablets. In these tutorials I will teach you how to work with Handheld Contact. This is a great tool for Act subscribers and SaaS members.

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Handheld Contact Classic

Act 9: Handheld Contact Classic (Orange)

Handheld Contact Classic (Orange) has been around for more than 15 years and is the best solution for sharing your Act data on your smartphone or mobile devices. My experience has been that once you set it up it just works. In these tutorials I will teach you how to work with Handheld Contact. This is a great tool for Act Pro users.

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Short Video Tutorials

The Best Way to Learn Act CRM

I have been teaching people how to use Act software for more than 20 years working with groups and individuals one-on-one.  Act Clever was developed so you could take advantage of all of my experiences working with thousands of Act CRM users and companies in a cost effective and comfortable setting.  Give us a try!


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My Goals for You

I want you to come away from my training with a better understanding of how to use Act to its fullest to fulfill your goals

  • Master the Fundamentals
  • Customize Act to Match Your Business
  • Turn Act into a Sales Machine
  • Tools that Enhance the Act Experience
  • Work via Act in the Cloud
  • Learn Marketing Automation

Helping & Training Act CRM Software Users for More Than 22 Years

My goal is to give you a different way of looking at Act. I will challenge you.  Act is just a tool that can be modified and customized to suit the way you work, for where you work, so you can reach your goals for your business. I will teach you how to use Act to leverage its capabilities so it exceeds your expectations. Lets make Act a powerful tool.

Make Act Software Work for Your Business

Learn how to make Act Software a great tool for you and your business.  We will teach you the ins and outs of the software so you have a great experience and continue to thrive with Act.

Swiftpage, the makers of Act, are a dedicated group of owners and employees working hard to create a product that suits the way we live and work today.  In the office.  On the road.  In the sky traveling about.  On your computer. On your smartphone, tablets and iPad’s.

Times have changed and so has Act.  Our goal is to make you smarter so you can Act Clever.



I want Act Software Users to Have a Great Experience with Act.

Act Software has changed.  Now offered as a yearly subscription (aka SAAS: software as a service) it is evolving to the way we work today.  As part of the act community I ask you to explore and embrace the changes they are making to make Act better.  My goal is to teach you how to make sure Act is never an expense but a long-term profit center for you and your business.